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Physx 3 Character Kinematic X86.dll 130

this week's update brings a bunch of bugfixes and improvements. we fixed most of the crashes in multiplayer, added text objects with better text visibility in editor, fixed some loadscreen issues, fixed camera flinching and blinking on client side, fixed our partner system, fixed rendering of isolated faces after conversion, fixed the cases when an player's path points at another player and at its own ship, fixed rendering of lights when some lights are destroyed and some new lights are created, added hints for what each button is for in all tools when they are inactive, removed sounds without having a preview, fixed the cases where reloading a saved game could result in a frame being skipped, fixed rendering of tooltips with some tool-related helper strings, fixed some of the case where characters would appear to have effects applied and disappeared without any effect applied, fixed character rendering in tools when using the mini-map, fixed a couple of texture managers, fixed blinking swords and guns, fixed landing and takeoff, fixed errors when player would never take control from the server, fixed camera view during takeoff/landing, fixed the cases when your ship was probably stuck at wrong orientation for a long time without telling you, fixed camera position with some asteroids, fixed certain docking behavior, added collision for optionally collision meshes on ue4, fixed the cases where you should be able to shoot something after it got destroyed, fixed the cases where the user could not alt tab out, fixed some cases where pickup objects would disappear when alt tabbed, fixed the cases where the view in the editor would be broken after selecting the inspector for a variable that is not assigned, and many other things.

Physx 3 character kinematic x86.dll 130


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