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Pure Skys
 Spa & Studio
Meet the space

Pure Skys was founded in 2018 by Candice without a place to land Pure Skys was a big dream with little hope. Until October 2019 when Candice opened in Belvidere NJ, quickly growing out of that space in 2022 Pure Skys moved to its permanent location 2315 Rt 57 Washington, NJ. Located in Broadway NJ where Candice was born and raised it was a homecoming for her and a perfect match. The space is full of positive energy and inspiration. Come find your flow and join us for all we have to offer from massage therapy to yoga classes, workshops and shopping.

Candice Owner

Candice is the energy behind Pure Skys. A small passion turned into a grand place for all to experience peace and healing. Candice is the lead massage therapist and yoga instructor. She's a free spirit and follows the signs. The perfect combination of science and magic. She believes in healing from the inside out. Sharing her experience from life but also the many trainings she has collected. Beginning her healing journey in 2014 with massage therapy leading her to yoga in 2016. Candice's studies didn't stop there she continued to get certifications in prenatal massage, restorative yoga, aerial yoga, kids yoga, and mostly recently has lead her to her newest love of Thia yoga massage.   


Tara Lead LMT


"What a blessed journey I have had in the world of massage therapy". In the industry since 2005 she has worked with Alzheimer’s, patients, HIV, positive to end stage aids clients, on hospice care floors , holding hands with the dying ! Active radiation and chemo therapy patients with ports and picc lines to world famous musicians and comedians, to one of the very first navy seals (frogmen) as he told me Those are just some of the highlights that she's experienced within her career. Tara is a healer in and outside of work. She has studied over 20 modalities (maybe more ) and the list is ever growing . "I’m grateful I’m thankful for the longevity of my career.

Healers truly are only conduits to spark light for your own self healing , mentally , emotionally or physically".

Sarah Lead esthetician 

Sarah  has been licensed in cosmetology since 2005. She is always learning and growing, she recently got her medical license for esthetics. Her passion is in skin and loves nothing more then practicing her skills sharing them with all her continuing and new clients. Sarah enjoys working with all ages and all types of skin. Developing a routine to help you reach your desired skincare goals. "We welcome you to Pure Skys so we can work together in a relaxing environment as well as whatever you may need with your home care. I look forward to helping you with any of your concerns you may have, give you the relaxing day you deserve, and sending you off with a healthy rejuvenated glow".

Alison yoga picture.png

Alison Yoga instructor

Alison completed 400 hours of YTT that align with The Yoga Alliance Standards. She began her training in Rishikesh, India the yoga capital of the world & was certified for Holistic Yoga. She was awarded best student by Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi from Samadhi Ashram. The following year she continued her training on the Big Island of Hawai’i to become Hatha Vinyasa certified. While on her journey she fell in love with the people & their sacred culture. Alison decided to stay and work as a Patient Attendant at the first medical dispensary on the island. In her free time, she practiced yoga on the beach and even in the ocean on paddleboard. Upon moving back to the East Coast, Alison began teaching yin yoga at a sanctuary in New Jersey & volunteering for the Balanced Veterans Network. Her favorite things to incorporate into classes are Kundalini breathwork, Tai Chi exercises and NLP meditation.


Britney is a graduate of the Aligned Yoga 200hr Teacher Training as of 2022, and discovered the healing power of yoga when she was 16 years old, finding solace in silence, mesmerized by the seemingly miniscule yet so potent powers of meditation.  Years before she began studying yoga, meditation had become a constant in her life due to the fact that focusing on the innate quality of the breath was what truly healed and continues to heal her from years of anxiety and depression after being diagnosed with OCD at a young age.  The discovery of pre-conditioned beliefs that she wasn’t worthy of recieving the love that was meant for her led her to the natural world, where the beauty within her was eventually reflected back to her constantly by the unapologetically wildness of mother nature. 

Britney’s flows are channelled from Nature’s teachings and embody how life breathes through you when enthralled in the embodiment of movement.  They’re  strong, playful, curious, aligned, and anatomically built in a way that expands you and pours gratitude into your very being with every inhalation and exhalation.

Calling her classes “Prayers in Motion,” Britney strives to turn movement into devotion, whether it be for yourself, a loved one, someone you’ve lost, a higher power, or nature.  Devotion to something which inspires you to curiously look deeper into yourself and marinate in your own essence.  The purpose of each class is to gift you the courage to step out of comfort and into growth, for growth is only possible when you are riding the edge of your comfort zone.


Yoga Instructor

unnamed (1).jpg


Charley grew up in Hunterdon County, and graduated from her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course in 2023.  Ever since starting her yoga journey in 2018, she felt called to teach and guide people on their journey and connection to their own practice.  She is also a Reiki Master, and has found a love for doing Reiki on her plants and animals!  She is eager to learn more, and to continue to spread the peace and love of yoga!

Yoga Instructor



Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Elise (she/her) knows that yoga can be intimidating. Whether you are looking to increase your physical abilities or hoping to branch out to the other limbs of the yoga practice, it can feel daunting. 

Jennifer works with students from all walks of life who are interested in powerful transformation in their everyday life. She aims to provide practical support for modern people to connect with the traditional practices of yoga. Guided by the philosophical principles of Yoga, Jennifer hopes to assist you in discovering your true self.

Yoga is a personal, spiritual practice and can be incredibly powerful with the proper guidance. Through deliberate, mindful movement, you first learn to feel, trust and love your body, as well as begin to build awareness of your internal self.

Jennifer began practicing yoga at home around the age of 16. Ten years later, in 2012, she became a teacher with her first 200 hour training from Samadhi Sun. Currently, she studies asana and philosophy with Alexandria Crow and Kaya Mindlin. Continuing education includes: Trauma Informed Yoga (Yoga Activist), Yoga for Autism/Special Needs (Ashrams for Autism), Functional Anatomy (Yoga Physics), SRY Fundamentals (Kaya Mindlin) and various philosophy courses.

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